Fillmore Apartment

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Picture by Gerhard Richter in the Fillmore Apartment

We just finished furnishing the Fillmore Apartment, an elegant two-bedroom penthouse with great views and a large terrace. The apartment is already rented for the next twelve months.

For this apartment we chose mainly modern pictures from the Palais Kraft collection, among them this beautiful Gerhard Richter "1025 Colors" print.

Every Saturday at 16:00 on Level 4: Piano Recital with Siwat Chuencharoen

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Siwat Chuencharoen playing the Erard grand piano at Palais Kraft

At 16:00 on Level 4 of the Palais Kraft Main Building

Piano Recital with music from the 18th and 19th Century

Artist: Siwat Chuencharoen

Siwat Chuencharoen, born 1986 in Bangkok, Thailand. After studying economics in his home country, he devoted himself to his passion, classical music, and began to study piano at the Bern University of Music, where he finished his master's degree in music pedagogy and is now working on his PhD thesis. Since 2015 he teaches piano at the Musikschule Seeland in Ins.


Sebastien Erard

Sebastien Erard

Sebastien Erard built his first piano in about 1777 and obtained a license from Louis XVI to produce pianos for the French Court.
In 1789, the French Revolution destroyed Sebastien Erard’s business. He moved his family to London and immediately began building pianos there. He returned to Paris in 1796. Part of his family remained in London building Erard pianos in London throughout the 19th Century.

Erard Grand Piano 1926

Erard Grand Piano from 1926

The Palais Kraft is happy to announce the acquisition of an Erard Grand Piano built 1926. It is the type of concert piano Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt, Clara Schumann, Sigismond Thalberg were playing. In an Erard grand piano the strings run parallel. Modern grand pianos are overstrung, which means that the bass strings cross other strings obliquely. This difference is noticeable in the clarity and timbre of the tones.

Cooperation with EMA House

EMA House Ratings

March 2016

Dear Guests

From 1st of April 2016 EMA House AG will manage the serviced apartments and guest rooms at Palais Kraft.

EMA House has been offering hotel rooms and serviced apartment in Zurich since 1995 with success and excellent ratings. We at Palais Kraft have always been impressed by their work and are happy to cooperate with EMA House. Our friendly staff will continue under the new management. Front Desk, Back Office and Reception will be run by EMA House staff.

For reservations after or beyond 1st April 2016 kindly contact the EMA House Front Desk at +41 44 368 36 68 or mail to info@ema The Front Office Manager at EMA House is Mrs. Veronika Domanico. The guest rooms and serviced apartments can also be booked online.

EMA House AG and Palais Kraft are both privately owned. Together we will be able to serve the guest of Palais Kraft and EMA House better with a larger and more diversified offer.

Martin Frank