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Palais Kraft South View

Zurich's most prestigious apartment building, the Palais Kraft was designed by architect Christoph Schweinfurth and built 1994-1997 in the neo-classic style. From the beginning its unique atmosphere attracted the rich, the fashionable and the creative. Through the years it has seen its share of aristocrats, billionaires, artists, company presidents, CEO's and CFO's and many more who enjoy to live and entertain graciously. On average the Palais Kraft community comprises 10-15 nationalities. Many children have been born in the Palais Kraft and, sadly, some people have passed away.

The guest rooms and serviced apartments are managed by EMA House. Please call +41 44 368 36 68 or mail to ask.

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There are two highly recommended clinics in the building:

alphaclinic zurich
International Center for Sports Medicine and Joint Surgery
Medical Director Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Erggelet
Phone +41 44 388 84 11

White House Center for Liposuction
Medical Director Prof. Dr. med. Roland Böni
Phone +41 43 211 37 37

Palais Kraft
Kraftstrasse 33
8044 Zurich

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Phone +41 44 388 84 85
Fax +41 44 388 84 86
Mail welcome@palaiskraft.com

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